The Donald Trump Mugshot

The System Is Rigged.

Donald J. Trump Mugshot

A national spectacle will play out today. Many of us, including me, will keep an eye out today for the arrest and the unveiling of the Donald J. Trump’ indictment charging him with a crime, or crimes. As much as many of us, including me, want to see Trump in handcuffs paraded before the country, what we will get will be just another Trump lie. Trump’s mugshot will likely not be released. Nor will see him in handcuffs. Worse will be that by the time years of circus-like litigation, at best, Donald Trump will walk away with a slap on the wrist proclaiming the system is “rigged.” For everyday Americans, the system is rigged. Most of us would not have the opportunity to self-surrender and avoid handcuffs. Most Americans would be dragged to jail, prosecuted and likely convicted under the same circumstances as Trump faces to day. So, yes, the system is rigged, but against everyday Americans, not Trump.

This is what we know.

  • Trump is expected to be arraigned in a Manhattan criminal court at 2:15 eastern time today, April 4, 2023.
  • Americans, will not see Trump standing silently next to high-powered attorneys, at most uttering “not guilty,” if that. You see, the judge in the rigged system has already ruled that they will not allow news cameras or electronic devices in the court room.
  • What you won’t get to see, as an American, is Trump walking into and out of the courthouse. Forget seeing the “perp walk.” That just won’t happen because unlike you, Trump is privileged.

Here’s the thing about privilege in America, it is political party agnostic. Remember as the rhetoric ramps up today, that Trump enjoys privilege because the Democrats allow it to happen. Stop pretending this is a Democrat versus Republican day. It is nothing more than further proof that in America, money talks and the rest of us, well you know if it was one of us, we’d be sitting in a holding cell anxiously awaiting to learn whether the judge will let us walk out of jail tonight. For Trump, that is a forgone conclusion because, you guessed it, the system is rigged. Trump will hold a press conference at Mar-A-Lago tonight. Yes, Trump already knows that he gets to sleep in his bed tonight and because the system is rigged he won’t be required to stay in Manhattan, like the rest of us.

The mugshot rounds out today’s spectacle. No one expects that a mugshot will be taken today. In the off chance that one is taken - very unlikely - it will not be released. Why? Because a former disgraced Democratic Party New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, pushed forth a ban on mugshots under “privacy concerns.” In April 2019, New York State enacted the “mugshot” ban that prohibits New York State police from releasing mugshot, even under the Freedom of Information Act.

Because there will not be a mugshot today and because the system is rigged, I thought it appropriate to envision what it would look like today if the American system wasn’t rigged against Americans by giving a glimpse of what a mugshot of Donald J. Trump would look like.

Enjoy the spectacle knowing that the system is rigged against you and your families.